About Hansraj Model School

Hans Raj Model School, started in 1966 stands tall and proud as a living monument, breathing symbol of the inspiring ideals of the D.A.V. movement whose creed and guiding spirit are the words of maharishi Swami Dyanand "let Noble thoughts come to us from every side". By following these dictates the school is today blending the Vedic wisdom of the east with the scientific knowledge of the west as D.A.V. synbolises Dayanand-Anglo Vedic, stressing on harmonising the spiritual with the scientific, Vedic lore with material advancement .The school attempts to inculate in the youth a spirit of pride and faith in their ancient cultural heritage through regular performance of "Havans" and recitation ofSanskrit Shlokas in the morning prayer.
From a humble beginning the school has made phenomenal progress and stands out today as a premier institution in the educational map of India, A magnificent array of three and four storeyed buildings set amidst beautiful green lawns, adequate enough to house 5,000 students, greets the eye of any vistor to the school. Besides these, the Kinder Garden is housed in a separate delightful 1.5-acre campus, especially designed to cater to the needs of tiny budding minds.

History of the School

Maharishi Dayanand rose on the Indian horizon when India was passing through the era of Superstitions,Social Evils, illiteracy, ignorance and slavery. He promised his Guru Swami Vrijanand that he would spread the light of Vedas throughout the length and breadth of the Country and tenets to usher in and enlighten Aryan Society-the Arya Samaj. He firmly belived that educating the masses was the only means for realizing sense of pride in Swadeshi and fighting for attaninment of Swaraj.
He was greatly disturbed by the decline in the thought and practices of Hindu religious sects and set about quelling the "Pakhand", prevalent in the Society. To fulfill his dreams his followers in1885 set up a society dedicated to the cause of education named as D.A.V Trust and Management which spear headed establishment of numerous schools, college, technical institutes in the field of management, technology, medicine and religion. The founders of the trust considered it prudent to incorporate teaching of Modern Science and technology along with vedic education. Hence the world Anglo Vedic Education Trust & Society established. Now the trust has grown into the vast D.A.V. Movement which imparts education to nearly 10 lakh students every year in various streams including free education to students to weaker sections and mentally handicapped children.

D.A.V Movements

To achieve the objectives set forth in D.A.V. movement the first D.A.V. School was established in 1886 at Lahore in the memory of Swami Dyanand which later become a college. Mahatma Hans Raj was the first Head Master and then the Principal of this institution. In 1902 Munshi Ram later know as Swami Shradhanand established first Gurukul at Kangri. Through the dedicated and devoted efforts of towering personalities such as Lala Lajpat Rai, Swami Shradhanand, Gurudatt Vidhyarthi, Mahatma Hans Raj, Lala Saidass, Pandit Lakhram,Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan, Shri G.L. Dutta, Lala Suraj Bhan. The society today runs more than 700 institutions in india and abroad.