Counsellor Desk

A child’s mind is the fertile soil
In which the seeds will grow.
But how he’ll blossom,
What he’ll be
Depends on what he sows.

Greetings of the day!

Every parent wants to see his or her child grow up as happy, healthy and a responsible person. Attitude is one of the basic determinants of how we perceive, live, adjust ourselves in the family and the society and face challenges that may come our way from time to time. A child with the right kind of attitude is far better prepared than those devoid of it. It is basically the parents who can help it imbibe an appropriate attitude towards life.


  • Proper encouraging environment is needed for studies.
  • Qualities like concentration, seriousness and career consciousness should be developed in a child to do well in studies. Else the child may lose interest in studies.
  • Maximum cooperation by the parents in guiding and teaching the child is essential.
  • Patience and tolerance is needed while dealing with children.
  • Family environment and behaviour of its members has a great influence on the child.
  • A good family interaction between the parents and children is needed. They not only need guidance, but also love, care, understanding and supervision.
  • Parents should restrain themselves as far as watching TV is concerned. Encourage children to watch selective TV programmes.
  • Reading habits should be inculcated in them.

Parental support and control are the most important factors in determining whether adolescents will display a variety of problem behaviours. Regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status, race, family history of alcohol and family structure, parental support and monitoring are keys to prevent adolescent problems.


Students of Class XII visited a Career Guidance Fair on 29.04.2016 at GurudwaraRakabGanj. It was a huge fair with more than 75 universities and colleges exhibiting their unique features, different courses, admission procedures and cost. Universities like GGSIPU, Amity University, Lovely Professional University(LPU), SGT University, Ansal University, Galgotia, K.R. Mangalam, BML Munjal University, etc along with foreign universities participated in this fair.

This platform offered a great opportunity to the students to interact with universities, skill development and other educational and vocational training institutions from Delhi/NCR, for one to one counselling for them to know and understand the complete spectrum of available career options. It was a great exposure for students.


A Creative Career Conclave was organized by PEARL ACADEMY on 22.04.2016 at PHD House, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi. Fifteen students of Class XII visited this conclave along with teachers. Industry experts like Mr. Amit Maheshwari, CEO of, Nikhil Mehra, Director, Shantanu and Nikhil, Jamie Cid, Digital Media Expert were the speakers. The students were motivated by the inspiring stories of their journey of success.

This initiative helped the young and inquisitive minds to explore future education options and equipped them with the right guidance to make informed choices for their bright future.

The Awakened citizen program

This value based program by Ramakrishna mission is being run for Class VII students. Students are made aware of their unique and universal possibilities. They are encouraged to believe in the power of Aatma shraddha.

It inculcates a sense of self and promotes healthy ways of living. It also helps in imbibing life skills among the children.