Student Corner

The school welcomes all its previous students in the new session 2016-17. You are the privileged ones as you are here in the very special year, which celebrates 50 Glorious Years of the school’s establishment. You all constitute an integral part of this prestigious institution and are ‘heart and soul’ of the school. The school aspires to reach its pinnacles with your efforts and hard work. We believe that you would contribute your best and in return, the staff teachers shall always be there to stand by you and offer their support and assistance in your endeavours, so that when you leave the school, you outshine in every field of life.

The celebrations for the Golden Jubilee Year have already been commemorated with a ‘51 Kundiya Yajna Utsav’ to seek the blessings of the Almighty.

Wishing you all the best for the year ahead...


Extra classes- a good initiative by the school and quite helpful; but hot weather played a spoil sport.
Rijul Jain (X E)

Rising tempers along with the rising temperature are difficult to bear…eagerly awaiting the monsoon showers.
Siddhant Gupta (X D)

Extra class - a blast! Unit Tests have also been postponed - a little more time to revise and do well.
Shreya Garg (X D)

Odd Even formula - well done Mr. Chief Minister! We can breathe safe. Thanks for making our Delhi cleaner and safer.
Gurusha Juneja (X D)