Our Vision & Mission


Education at Hansraj is an all-encompassing phenomenon. It has an everlasting impact on not just the young impressionable minds, but the society at large. This noble nation building responsibility is shouldered with inordinate care and concern. With conscientious efforts and relentless endeavors, we attempt to create a nurturing and caring milieu for our students. Each day, we look forward to spreading peace and happiness and bettering this world with attentive and intuitive minds of our students.


We aspire to empower our students to be able to lead a fulfilling and productive life. We shape them to become inquisitive learners, innovative developers and above all, responsible citizens willing to serve the society, nation and the world. Believing in the individuality and uniqueness of every child, we construct a child friendly conducive environment. We strive to ensure that learning at Hansraj is a pleasant and gratifying experience of a lifetime for all its students.